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Nut shipments to Siberia have quadrupled

Published: February 26, 2024 06:26

In 2023, the SFD received 2.3 thousand tons of imported nuts. Siberian customs officers note that this is 4.1 times more than in 2022.

Siberian customs officers note that this is 4.1 times more than in 2022

Kazakhstan, Chile, Turkey and Vietnam are among the countries supplying vitamins in the shell.

The most imported to Siberia last year were pistachios – almost 378 tons, almonds – 218.5 tons, hazelnuts – 180 tons and walnuts – 71.2 tons. For the first time in 2023 there were supplies of nuts from Turkey and Kyrgyzstan

The SFD also received 1.2 thousand tons of coconuts. These exotic fruits came mainly from Indonesia

It should be noted that the most nuts were imported by entrepreneurs of the Novosibirsk region (more than 1 thousand tons), Altai Krai (662.5 tons) and Tomsk region (468.2 tons)

“All fruit and vegetable products and nuts are cleared by customs officers in a priority, simplified procedure,” said Dmitry Kolykhanov, deputy head of the Siberian Customs Administration. – The terms of release of such goods are controlled on a daily basis. Officials of customs posts of STU are ready for the growth of supplies of fresh fruits and vegetables in connection with the upcoming spring season and the new harvest

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