Ruslan Davydov told about the simplification of customs operations for businesses and measures to support exporters

Rapid equipping railway crossings, automatic confirmation of zero VAT rate when exporting goods in postal items and the introduction of “customs monitoring” – these and other directions of export support said the first Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Ruslan Davydov in the online forum of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RUIE) June 5, 2020.

Together with the Ministry of transport and Russian Railways, the Federal customs service is considering expediting the development program of border crossing points, modernisation of which is defined in the national project “international cooperation and exports” in 2023-2024 years. Pre-defined 10 railway points on the busiest routes, including the far East, which is planned to equip in order of priority.

Ruslan Davydov: “There is a demand for the development of these facilities from domestic exporters, in particular, companies in the timber industry, the sending abroad of non-oil products. So together with our colleagues we will try to implement an accelerated program to retrofit”.

Another project of support for exporters – an experiment on the automatic confirmation of zero VAT rate when exporting goods in the mail. The mechanism of the FCS of Russia has implemented in cooperation with the Post of Russia and FTS of Russia for supporting small business.

Ruslan Davydov: “In test mode, we launched a system of online verification of the zero rate of VAT for exporters. Is held six deliveries in a simplified form. This mechanism will allow to improve the representation of the goods of the Russian suppliers on foreign markets”.

Key measures to simplify customs operations are carried out in the framework of the Comprehensive program of development of the FCS of Russia until 2020 (Program 2020), according to which all documentary customs clearance is concentrated in the 16 centers of electronic Declaration (Zadah). Before the reform Declaration was carried out at 650 points, which were in private ownership. We have a 12 CEDAW, and by the end of 2020 will earn another four.

Ruslan Davydov: “Cady serve the regions in which we operate. They are linked by competence and by type of customs operations. This makes the standardization of procedures, increases consistency and validity of decisions. Thus, the interaction of business with the custom becomes more transparent – and these improvements recognize the participants of foreign economic activity”.

Another direction of activities of FCS of Russia, according to the Program-2020 is automation of customs operations and procedures. Targets: automatic registration of up to 99% of the received returns, automatic release up to 80% of returns filed “in good faith” business. In the case of fully automated design is less than 10 minutes.

Ruslan Davydov: “the Simplification and acceleration of customs operations is designed primarily for bona fide foreign trade operators. To determine these companies plan to make an objective ranking system – “the customs monitoring” (similar to the already existing tax). This will allow the supply of “transparent” companies as possible to pass the border.”

To support non-oil exports, the customs authorities are actively cooperating with the REC. Including the Agency involved in the launch of services to exporters in the system of “One window”. These and other areas of work will optimize the administrative and time costs associated with the conduct of foreign economic activity