North-West Customs Administration

Pulkovo customs officers found a Swiss watch with diamonds worth 6 million rubles on a flight from Istanbul.

Two Kazakh nationals chose the “green” corridor, which is designed for the movement of goods not subject to customs declaration, to pass through customs control. One of the travelers was carrying an expensive Rolex Oyster Perpetual DAY-DATE watch and its warranty card in his luggage, while the other was carrying a branded box of the watch in his suitcase

According to the air passengers, they were returning from a one-day business trip to Dubai, and at the airport they were approached by an unknown American and asked to transport luxury watches to his acquaintance in the city of Almaty, while strongly recommending to separate the goods into bags and not to scratch the case. the “couriers” complied with the request, but inspectors of the Pulkovo Airport customs post detected the expensive goods being transported not for personal use and stopped the attempt to evade customs payments

Customs experts found that the wristwatches transported by the men have no defects and signs of wear and tear, the case and bracelet of the chronometer are made of 750 gold alloy. The sapphire crystal, fluted bezel and markers on the dial made of treated baguette-cut diamonds also add value to the piece. The market value of the chronometer in the Russian Federation on the date of crossing the customs border exceeds 5.8 million rubles

– When moving goods not for personal use, a passenger must declare the cargo, paying the appropriate customs duties and fees. It is important to note that the statutory duty-free rates applicable to goods for personal use do not apply in this case. More detailed information about the movement of goods and the principles of declaration can be found in the information zones located in front of the entrance to the “red” and “green” corridors and on the official website of the FCS of Russia, or you can contact the customs authority in advance for advice on the issue of interest, – explained Anatoly Timoshchenkov, Head of Pulkovo Customs

The cases on administrative offense were initiated against foreigners for failure to declare the goods.

Marina Guzikova,
Pulkovo customs spokeswoman

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