North-West Customs Administration

Murmansk customs collected administrative fines worth more than 9 million rubles

for the year

Published: February 22, 2024 09:50

In 2023, Murmansk Customs initiated 1,406 cases of administrative offenses and collected more than 9 million rubles as fines.

82% of administrative cases were initiated under the articles of Chapter 16 of the CAO RF, mainly concerning non-declaration and/or false declaration of goods, as well as violation of prohibitions and restrictions on the movement of goods across the border. Administrative cases for failure to submit or untimely submission to the customs authority of a statistical form of accounting of the movement of goods account for 15% of the total number of cases

607 cases out of the total number of administrative cases initiated last year have smuggling-forming composition under various articles of Chapter 16 of the CAO RF

In the framework of customs control using the risk management system, 277 lots of goods were inspected, and 364 cases of administrative offenses were initiated as a result. The economic efficiency of inspections was reflected in the additional recovery in favor of the state of more than 243.51 million rubles in customs payments and more than 21.29 million rubles in fines

In the framework of customs control after the release of goods in January-December last year Murmansk customs conducted 82 verification activities, including 44 desk customs inspections. As a result of these measures, 386 million rubles were added to the federal budget, 24 cases on administrative offenses were initiated

In the past year, Murmansk Customs in cooperation with representatives of other regulatory authorities of the region conducted 15 control measures at retail trade network facilities to identify the facts of illegal trafficking of sanctioned, counterfeit and unlabeled products. As a result, 89 units of counterfeit goods, 71,714 packs of cigarettes, tobacco and alcoholic products, as well as liquid of unknown origin in plastic bottles, unlabeled with excise stamps of the Russian Federation were withdrawn from trade turnover

Alla Sveshnikova,
a spokeswoman for Murmansk customs

tel. 8 (8152) 282-278

Alla Sveshkova,
Murmansk customs spokeswoman