More than 14.6 billion rubles transferred to the Federal budget of the Omsk customs in 2019

Omsk customs in 2019 listed in the Federal budget of more than 14.6 billion rubles, while the volume of payments in 2 times exceeded the level of last year.

The main volume of revenues amounted to import listing – 13.2 billion rubles, which increased 2.2 times compared to the level in 2018.

For the export component increased amounts of transfers relative to 2018 by 15% due to a change in the market of petroleum products and the transition of exporters in the Siberian region for the Declaration at the Omsk customs post (the electronic Declaration center) (Omsk CED).

In 2019 there was a significant increase in the volume Declaration. Omsk customs issued more than 62.3 thousand customs declarations (DT), which amounted to 190% by the year 2018. Positive dynamics in the Declaration caused by the increase in the number of both export and import DT.

Among the customs posts of the Omsk customs leading position in the DT registration and transfer of payments is Omsk CED: is 99.54% of the total number of DT, decorated in the customs.

Creating a convenient for foreign economic activity participants schedule of work of the Omsk CED with 08-30 hours to 21-00 hours with replaceable operation mode allowed to increase the number of traders with 881 in 2018 to 1 291 in 2019.

The result of the Omsk customs in 2019 work on the reduction of terms of customs operations was not only an increase in the number of participants VED and filed their declarations on goods, but a complex of the actions directed on application by specified persons of advanced information technologies.

The number of declarations that have passed the automated check-in 2019 for exported goods (36 617 DT) increased in 2 times in comparison with the 2018 (18 237 DT), for imported products to 7.5 times (from 983 DT in 2018 to 7 461 DT in 2019).

For 2019 in the region of Omsk customs has also implemented the technology of automatic release of goods. 5.5 thousand declarations of the decision on release of goods was made without the direct involvement of the officers of the Omsk customs.

Elena Petrova,

the press Secretary of the Omsk customs