Measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection took Vladivostok customs

In connection with the registration of the cases of coronavirus in the city of Wuhan (PRC) employees of the Vladivostok customs together with representatives of state control bodies at the checkpoints carefully monitor the condition entering the country Russian and foreign citizens. Take all measures to prevent the introduction of infection into the territory of Russia.

Customs officers exercise control, together with representatives of Rospotrebnadzor. Special attention is paid to the passengers and crews of aircraft and vessels arriving from China. On Board the aircraft to conduct the survey and questionnaire in order to identify the infected, the staff of the CPS at the exit from the aircraft to measure the body temperature of passengers, followed by measuring the temperature of the stationary camera, installed in the air checkpoint.

Customs officials are familiar with the symptoms of the disease, its course, the spread and prevention.

At the airport of Vladivostok to the passengers on the Bulletin boards posted the memo on measures to prevent coronavirus infection, as well as organized regular paging feature of the airport.

For the prevention of disease observed sanitary-anti-epidemic regime: regularly ventilated office space, wet cleaning using disinfectants, observe the rules of personal hygiene. To protect against coronavirus infection in checkpoints use a protective mask and sterile rubber gloves.

These measures will help to eliminate cases of infection with coronavirus infection as crossing the border, citizens, and customs officials, to ensure the operation of border crossing points located in the region of Vladivostok customs, as usual.

According to the chief of the Airport customs post of Vladivostok Vladimir Krivtsov from the beginning of 2020 all of China came to 47 flights 5824 passengers, 329 crew members of aircraft. Patients with coronavirus was not detected.


Asya Gentle,

press Secretary of the Vladivostok customs,

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