21.2 billion rubles transferred to the Federal budget of the Chita customs in 2019

Chita customs in 2019 listed in the Federal budget of more than 21.2 billion rubles. A large part in the structure of customs duties were fees for the import of goods (import duties, excise and value added tax) – 18.2 billion rubles (85.6 per cent).

For goods supplied for export, the payments amounted to more than 62,1 million (0.3 percent). Recycling, fines and other payments amounted to more than 2.9 billion (14.1 percent).

As explained by the acting Deputy head of the Chita customs on economic activities Irina boyarkina, more than half of all transfers from the import of goods amounted to payments for imported engineering products – 53,8%, construction materials – 10.9 per cent, vegetables, fruits 18.5 per cent.

Among the customs posts leading position on transfer of customs payments is a customs stations in Zabaykalsky (63,2% duties customs) and Chita (34,5 % duties customs).

In 2019 in the region of the Chita customs checked and worked 1339 participants of foreign economic activity (FEA).

The main exports are mineral products 75,7%, wood and pulp and paper products 13.9% and food products and agricultural raw materials – 6.8 percent.

Basic goods imports – machinery – 53,9%, foodstuffs and agricultural raw materials 24.4% and construction materials – 9%.

Turnover for 2019 compared to the 2018 year (1,596 billion. USA) decreased by 14.5% and amounted to 1,365 billion. USA.

The turnover in 2019 compared to the 2018 year (1.8 million tons) decreased by 24.5 % and amounted to 1.4 million tonnes.

The main trading partner in 2019 has traditionally been China and 99.4% of turnover.

Marina Boyko,

press Secretary Chita customs

tel: (3022) 35-76-12