In the team Kingisepp customs celebrated the Spring

In the team Kingisepp customs celebrated the Spring festival

Traditionally men Kingisepp customs once again congratulated women with the International women’s day – 8 March.

Flowers, flowers, flowers – no woman in the customs office is not left without flowers! And this was only the beginning. All were looking forward to the gala concert: men with anxiety, women with anticipation. And finally, it started.

The first words of congratulation were expressed by the head of customs Igor Kozhanov: “Women somehow magically manage to do everything, while remaining beautiful and charming: and take care of the comfort of home, and achieve significant success in our hard service. From the face of the male half of the customs congratulate You and sincerely wish You happiness, health, love and joy.”

And then there were songs performed by the staff of the Department of operational-duty service and customs protection, accompanied by dances. Sergey Neufeld read the fable “the Man and whining”, Vitaly Firsov pleased the audience with virtuoso playing of the guitar, and what a delight called the song “a Declaration and the officer” performed by Eugene Skorykova and Roman Teplyakov! Everyone laughed and clapped heartily. But that was not the point.

A greeting film, shot by our “military” colleagues exceeded all expectations! And that just did not do our men! They are in “a burning house” do come in, “a galloping horse” stopped, and pulled himself up, and struggled, and read their own poems, which was doubly nice!

Irina Dmitrovskaya,
chief state customs inspector
organizational-analytical Department, Kingisepp customs