In Bashkortostan discussed the new trends in the development of custom

The summary meeting of 2019 was held in Bashkortostan customs. In its work took part the head of the Volga customs management Aasim Askarov, the chief of Bashkortostan customs Marat Safiullin, the heads and representatives of the Ufa transport Prosecutor’s office, departments of the Federal tax service and the Federal bailiff service in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

2019 was marked by active processes of transformation of the customs field, proper operation of e-customs and the centers for the electronic Declaration together with the strengthening of the functions of actual control in the regional customs. This year the activities of the Bashkortostan customs was held in new quality customs actual control.

Technology of separate customs operations are familiar to us, − said in his speech Marat Safiullin. − The Bashkortostan customs, the first in the Volga customs Department has used the technology of remote release and the separate customs control. Our customs posts, since 2011, since the establishment of the center for electronic Declaration in the Bashkortostan customs, functioning as the customs authorities of actual control. After the elimination CEDA in Bashkiria already used the algorithm we used when interacting with created a year ago, Volga electronic customs.

Priority directions of Bashkortostan customs became the de facto control of the customs operations preceding the Declaration, to control the release of the goods and after release. Marat Safiullin noted the intensification of the identification of “sanctions” and unmarked goods in the domestic market. Together with bodies of Prosecutor’s office, administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor and Rospotrebnadzor conducted 37 verification activities in the field of sale of goods, which is 2.6 times more than in 2018. Seized and destroyed more than one ton of “sanctions” products. In respect of testing materials the state regulatory agencies, two criminal cases and 15 cases of administrative offences.

An important task for customs is invariably the replenishment of the Federal budget customs and other payments. In the past year, the planned task is executed by 123 per cent, in the Treasury of the Bashkortostan customs transferred 782 million 280 thousand rubles.

Great attention was paid to future prospects and tendencies of development of customs in terms of large-scale reforms carried out in the Department, implementation of the project of strategy of development of customs service till 2030, developed by the FCS of Russia. The modern realities, the trend to digitalization, structural and mental changes service put before the customs authority and its personnel, and new tasks require a review of the evaluation criteria. Main task today – a focus on performance and quality integrated result.

Julia Bolgarov,
the press-Secretary of Bashkortostan customs