In 2019, the customs officers of Siberia revealed violations of currency legislation by 13 billion rubles

In 2019, the customs officers of Siberia revealed violations of currency legislation by 13 billion roubles

In 2019, the customs authorities of the Siberian customs Department revealed violations of currency legislation in the amount of RUB 13.3 billion.
These data were presented at the interagency meeting, which was held in the Siberian customs office (STU) with the participation of representatives of inter-regional inspection FNS of Russia on the Siberian Federal district, the West Siberian transport Prosecutor’s office of Managements FNS of Russia across the Novosibirsk, Omsk and Irkutsk regions, inter-regional management of Rosfinmonitoringa on the Siberian Federal district and the Siberian main office of the Bank of Russia.
“We have a long and fruitful cooperation with our colleagues from other departments in the sphere of identification of illegal currency transactions. Coordination and combination of resources allows us to strengthen the effectiveness of monetary control, contribute to the identification of new criminal schemes of outflow of capital abroad”, – said the Deputy head of STU – the chief of service of Federal customs incomes Dmitry Kalyanov.
In 2019, the customs authorities of STU to the tax authorities were sent information in respect of the 91 traders. On the basis of information received from customs bodies, tax authorities in 2019 in the Unified state register of legal entities records to be written about the unreliability of information in respect 43 of traders are excluded from registering as invalid of legal entity 13 traders.
The meeting considered the issues, identify questionable foreign exchange transactions and legal persons involved in their implementation (one-day firms, the rated legal entities) and the interaction of customs and tax bodies in the sphere of counteraction to illegal withdrawal of funds from Russia and application procedures for the recognition of debtors on tax payments by the bankrupt.
In 2019, the customs authorities initiated a STU 78 criminal cases and 2609 cases of administrative offences related to violations of the currency legislation.
The greatest amount of violations of currency legislation identified Irkutsk custom – 3.71 billion rubles, the Novosibirsk customs 3.35 billion, Altai customs was 1.73 billion rubles to the Tomsk customs 1.48 billion rubles.