Irkutsk customs stopped the import from China 7,200 towels, the safety of which has not been confirmed

Irkutsk customs on the Declaration stage and the implementation of customs control prevented the importation from China of consumer goods – consignment of towels in the amount of 7200 units, which has not been confirmed.

This product was declared Krasnoyarsk firm in the Center for electronic Declaration of the Irkutsk customs on the technology of remote release and has been in the import placed on the temporary storage warehouses in Krasnoyarsk.

All the above mentioned firm were imported towels total cost 308,5 thousand rubles, stated in the Declaration on the goods as “products of a piece of linen of cotton fabrics”. Country of origin – China.

In accordance with the law of the EAEU filing of the Declaration of this product must be accompanied by submission of documents, confirming compliance of goods to requirements of Technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of light industry products”.

As such a document, the declarant submitted the Declaration of conformity, which, as it turned out, in the database of the Unified register of declarations of conformity of Federal Agency on accreditation and has the status “action terminated” and, accordingly, has no legal force.

Therefore, upon the statement of false information about the product and the submission of invalid document, that could be grounds for non-compliance with the established prohibitions and limitations of the Irkutsk customs in respect of the firm failing to comply criminal case concerning an administrative offense under part 3 of article 16.2 of the administrative code.

Head of Department of trade restrictions and export controls Irkutsk customs Lina Pawlicka explains: “the Proper performance of functions relating to control of prohibitions and restrictions established in accordance with the law of the Eurasian economic Union on foreign trade activities, is one of the most important activities of the Irkutsk customs, as it provides control over the safety of imported goods and protection of Russian consumers from substandard products that can endanger health.”

Tatyana Krasavina

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs