Federal Customs Service

Customs officers found 25 million rubles worth of unmarked American brand jackets in a truck from Kazakhstan

Published: February 28, 2024 13:58

A mobile group of Samara Customs at the Mashtakovo checkpoint detained a lorry from Kazakhstan carrying unmarked jackets of a famous American brand.

A mobile group of Samara Customs detained a lorry from Kazakhstan at the Mashtakovo checkpoint

A total of more than 3,000 warm sports jackets and windbreakers made in Vietnam were found to be missing Data Matrix identification codes

According to the accompanying documents, the goods were brought to one of the shopping centers in Moscow. The value of the consignment is estimated at 25 million rubles

The issue of initiating criminal proceedings in accordance with part 1 of article 171.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (production, acquisition, storage, transportation for the purpose of sale or sale of unlabeled goods and products on a particularly large scale) is under consideration