Far Eastern Customs Administration

Beast fangs found by Ussuri customs officers in a thermos and a manicure kit

Published: April 1, 2024 07:34

Animal fangs were found by inspectors of the customs post of the IACP Kraskino of Ussuriyskaya customs in a thermos and a manicure set. The derivatives were attempted to be exported from Russia by a Chinese citizen.

The fangs were discovered during a customs inspection of tourists’ luggage using an X-ray machine. The foreigner had hidden the derivatives in a thermos and a nail tool storage case that were in the man’s suitcase.

A foreigner explained that the fangs were hidden in the man’s suitcase

The foreigner explained that the fangs (presumably of a wolf) were given to him by a friend and he was taking them as a gift for his son. The man put the derivatives in different places so as not to confuse them, as they differ in quality

Based on the way of moving the tusks, Ussuriysk Customs initiated a case of administrative offense against the offender, the responsibility for which is stipulated by Part 2 of Article 16.1 of the CAO RF (concealment of goods by using places that make it difficult to detect). The man faces an administrative fine of up to three times the value of the goods with confiscation

Derivatives were seized and sent for examination.

                                                                                     Irina Kulchitskaya,

                                                         press-secretary of Ussuriyskaya  customs


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