Far Eastern Customs Administration

Illegal import of almost a ton of mushrooms was stopped by Ussuriysk customs

Published: February 21, 2024 02:41

905 kilograms of dried mushrooms imported from China in violation of the requirements of the EAEU customs legislation were seized by officers of the Ussuriysk customs post of the Ussuriysk customs.

When the cargo vehicle arrived at the checkpoint, the carrier presented shipping documents for the import of 26.7 tons of  food products (green tea, seaweed, marmalade, noodles, cookies, caramel, seasonings in assortment). When weighing the vehicle with the goods, the customs officers found that the goods were overweight and decided to inspect the goods with full unloading

Customs officers found 905 kilograms of black wood mushrooms (dried, compressed), which were not declared in the declaration and shipping documents

The mushrooms were seized and placed in a temporary storage warehouse. A case on administrative offense will be initiated against the Russian carrier under part 3 of article 16.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (reporting false information about the number of cargo places and weight of goods)


 Irina Kulchitskaya,

Spokesperson of Ussuriyskaya Customs

 Irina Kulchitskaya,


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