Dear participants of foreign economic activity!

In order to implement measures to prevent coronavirus infection c 28.03.2020 year 05.04.2020 year in the Russian Federation declared public holidays. Financial institutions partially suspend its work. To implement the smooth clearance of the goods please (27.03.2020 year) to carry out the transfer of funds necessary for the implementation of customs operations connected with release of goods, on the personal account opened at the level of the FCS of Russia as a down payment.

Recall the funds can be made:

  1. Cash through the credit organization;
  2. With the use of the software and (or) technical means (devices) within the payment system operated by the operator of customs payments;
  3. Cash (only for individuals) through:

– the credit institution;

– the cashier of the North Ossetian customs.

Account details:

“Beneficiary Bank” – operations Department at Bank of Russia Moscow,

BIC 044501001,

Account №40101810800000002901,

Recipient – MOU FK (FCS of Russia),

INN 7730176610,

KPP 773001001,

The RCM – 45328000.

When filling settlement documents shall be filled in the following fields:

(22) Code – specify the unique identifier of the accrual, consisting of 20 or 25 characters, with all characters of the unique identifier of the accrual at the same time cannot accept a value of zero (“0”). In the absence of a unique identifier of the calculation specifies the value zero(“0”);

(16) “Recipient” MOU FK (FCS of Russia);

(61)”was the” beneficiary”-7730176610;

(103) “checkpoint” recipient – 773001001;

(101) – a two-digit indicator of the status of the payer:

“06” – participant of foreign economic activity – legal entity, except recipient’s international mail;
“07” – the customs authority;
“16” – participant of foreign economic activity – a physical person;
“17” – participant of foreign economic activity – an individual entrepreneur;
“18” – the payer of customs duties, which is not a declarant, who by the legislation of the Russian Federation the duty on payment of customs payments;

“28” – participant of foreign trade activities – the recipient of international mail.

(104) code of the budget classification in accordance with the budget classification of the Russian Federation;

(105) – 45328000;

(107) – eight-digit code of the customs authority in accordance with the classification of the customs authorities in the Russian Federation, to administer the payment;

In the field (108) in case of specifying in the props (101) of the payment document of one of the statuses to “03” and “16”, “19”, “20” can be set to the identifier information about an individual or a zero;

(24) “payment” – additional information necessary for identification of the payment purpose.

Thank you for understanding!

The North Ossetian customs