Currency, clothing and cigarettes: Mineralovodskiy custom made “rating” smuggling of goods

Currency, clothing and cigarettes: Mineralovodskiy custom made “rating” smuggling of goods

In 2019 through the airports of Mineral Waters, Nalchik, Grozny and customs border was crossed by 557 thousand passengers. The number of issued international flights – 4188. Most often citizens visited Turkey (397 thousand), United Arab Emirates (87 thousand) and Azerbaijan (47 thousand).

For violation of the law Mineralovodsky customs officers opened 444 cases on administrative offences and 4 cases. The leaders were violations associated with the movement of the currency in 2019 identified 170 cases. The total amount of undeclared funds exceeded 11 million rubles. In second place over one and a half tons of undeclared clothing and footwear – a total of 92 consignment. Completing the top three violations associated with the smuggling of cigarettes — 30 cases and 850 packs of cigarettes. Additionally, the 24 passenger tried to smuggle food and 11 people were carrying party jewelry.

The most memorable were of smuggling more than a kilogram of jewelry with a total value of 3 million 468 thousand roubles, engineer bayonet-knife 1914 and 238 ancient coins.

“Most tourists, knowing that it is possible to import air transport without paying duties on goods for personal use worth up to 10 thousand Euro up to 50 kg, so addicted to shopping that their Luggage is regarded by customs as commercial batch. Citizens trying to convince the inspectors that, for example, 46 fur coats, 25 bottles of spirits or 640 kitchen towels intended for personal use only. In this case, purchases are withdrawn and in respect of the citizens excited administrative, and sometimes criminal cases”, – said the first Deputy chief of Mineralovodsky customs Magomed madev.

By the end of 2019 the total amount of fines exceeded 5 million rubles, and the value of the confiscated goods amounted to 9 million 195 thousand roubles.

Julia Kutaka,
a press-the Secretary of Mineralovodsky customs