Crimean customs officers seized at the border is a precursor

Crimean customs officers seized at the border is a precursor

The Crimean customs officers during customs control at the checkpoint Armyansk revealed and withdrew limited to moving stuff.

During carrying out customs inspection, in the accompanied baggage of the Crimean, who arrived on the territory of neighboring States, officials of the Crimean customs among personal belongings of the women revealed five glass vials containing a powdery substance dark purple color, which the factory marked “Potassium permanganate”, 5 grams.

When crossing the customs border of the EAEU female not stated in the passenger customs Declaration information about the availability of goods prohibited or restricted for transfer across the customs border. Permits and other documents for the goods was absent. In the explanations to the citizen referred to the ignorance of the law.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 30 June 1998 n 681 “On approval of list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors subject to control in the Russian Federation”, “potassium permanganate” at a concentration of 45% and is more related to the IV list of precursors turnover in the Russian Federation is restricted and in respect of which the established control measures.

Currently, the product is withdrawn and directed on examination. Its results will decide on bringing the citizen to justice.

Crimean custom draw citizens ‘ attention to the need to read in advance the rules of movement of goods across the border, and in the travel case of medicines to check the products for prohibited or restricted movement of substances. In case of need these drugs for medical reasons you must provide supporting medical documents and Declaration of drugs by filling out a passenger customs Declaration.

Irina Khvostenko, press Secretary of the Crimean customs