Cigarette car

Cigarette car

The passengers of the train “Sukhum-Moscow” in Sochi seized more than 500 units of smuggled cigarettes.

January 28, 2020 for the purpose of customs and border control of passengers and Luggage arriving at the customs checkpoint post in the Adler passenger train, international flight number 306, “Sukhum – Moscow”, aroused the suspicion of three citizen, moving a lot of Luggage.

During the oral interview of women stated that they have no goods prohibited or restricted for import into the customs territory of the EAEU. However, during customs inspection of one of them on the top and bottom shelves of the carriage in packages and in bulk under mattresses and pillows, the customs officers found 142 cartons of cigarettes. The other women in the two bags and travel suitcase were 198 cartons of cigarettes. Another citizen tried to smuggle in plastic bags and a canvas bag 206 cartons of cigarettes.

All the passengers were discovered 546 cartons of cigarettes (109200 pieces).

Resident of Abkhazia explained that he had purchased tobacco products on the market of Sukhum, on prohibitions and restrictions on the movement of tobacco products across the customs border of them was not known. However, one of the violators commit the same offence for the fourth time. This citizen was brought to administrative responsibility for the movement of illegal cigarettes at various customs posts. So, last week she tried to smuggle on the train “Sukhum-Moscow” nearly 100 cartons of cigarettes, and the customs post MAPP Adler stopped while trying to smuggle 25 cartons of cigarettes across the border under the dress.

Tobacco products seized, samples are sent to the merchandising expertise. In respect of citizens initiated 6 cases on administrative offenses under part 1 of article 16.2 and under article 16.3 Of The Administrative Code Of Russia.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs