A meeting on the results of activities in 2023 was held in Tula Customs

A meeting on the results of activities in 2023 was held in Tula Customs. The event was attended by the deputy head of the Central Customs Administration – head of the service Anatoly Zinoviev and Tula transport prosecutor Tatyana Ganieva

Tula customs officers discussed the fulfillment of indicators in the direction of actual customs control and control after release of goods, law enforcement and personnel work

In 2023, in cooperation with electronic declaration centers at customs posts in the Tula and Ryazan regions, more than 37 thousand different customs operations in the actual control of goods and vehicles. More than 4 thousand reconciliations of declared information in declarations for goods were carried out, more than 2.1 thousand consignments of goods were placed in temporary storage, more than 6.1 thousand customs operations were carried out to complete the customs procedure of customs transit

Tula customs officers promptly carried out control of goods in the Special Economic Zone “Uzlovaya”. In 2023, the number of registered notifications for the import of goods increased by 112%, issued export permits by 143% and the issuance of temporary passes by 2.5 times in relation to 2022. This is due to the growth in the number of residents and the increase in production volumes in the special economic zone,” said Maxim Velikanov, head of the Tula Customs Office.

The number of import notifications increased by 22%

The number of statistical forms to record the movement of goods has increased by 22%: participants in mutual trade between EAEU member states submitted more than 28,500 statistical forms in 2023.

The number of statistical forms has increased by 22%

In the framework of customs control after the release of goods, 23 customs inspections were conducted, the amount of additional customs payments exceeded 408 million rubles, and 395 million rubles were recovered for the state revenue.

Customs control after the release of goods

The mobile group of Tula customs last year revealed 37 tons of consumer goods with unconfirmed customs declaration, the damage exceeded 44 million rubles. Work is underway to transfer the seized goods to the territorial bodies of the Federal Property Management Agency and for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense

Officers of the Tula Customs initiated 17 criminal cases and 1256 cases of administrative offenses

At the end of the meeting, Anatoly Zinoviev thanked the staff of Tula Customs for their achievements and presented departmental awards