About 450 citizens entered the Sakhalin customs in 2019

In 2019 in the Sakhalin customs office has received about 450 written complaints from citizens concerning customs legislation and social sphere.

Of these, 268 cases sent to legal entities, from individuals received 179 hits. 22 Sakhalin has come on personal reception to the head of customs, 34 – took the advice of lawyers.

Citizens interested in the issues of issuance of passports of vehicles, filing the passenger customs Declaration, payment of customs duties. Legal persons have applied for e-Declaration of premises under customs procedures, calculation of customs duties and issuing of copies of documents and certificates.

For a personal appointment often came on employment. All written and oral appeals to the customs considered.

Also in 2019 received one message on “trust”.

Sakhalin customs reminds that any citizen may apply to the Sakhalin customs on issues concerning the activities of customs authorities. About the order of granting of the state service citizens advice can be recognized by the phone (4242) 491 344.

In addition, citizens can sign up for a personal reception to a management of the Sakhalin customs by phone (4242) 491 228. Written requests can be sent to: 693008, Yuzhno-Sahalinsk, street Boundary, 56, sakh@dvtu.customs.ru.

Of violations by employees of customs bodies during the customs clearance, about corruption, misconduct of the officials of the Sakhalin customs can be communicated by “telephone hotline” (4242) 227 002. Privacy guaranteed. Calls are accepted round the clock.

 Julia Jahina,

the press Secretary of the Sakhalin customs