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Out of range: Koltsovo customs officers prevented a batch of cell phones from being illegally exported to Uzbekistan

Published: May 6, 2024 11:56 AM

A passenger on a Ekaterinburg-Namagan flight tried to smuggle 5 cell phones into Uzbekistan. But he was stopped by Koltsovsky customs officers in the “green corridor”. The man was hiding boxes with brand new smartphones in his bag. The 28-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan told the inspectors that the phones were not his, and he was just carrying out the assignment of his friends, who asked him to deliver the equipment to Uzbekistan. The passenger was unaware of customs regulations

Customs rules are posted on the official website of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. In addition, stands with the rules are installed in the international terminal of the airport and audio information is regularly sounded,” emphasized Sergey Borovik, head of the customs post of Koltsovo Airport (passenger)

The phones were recognized as a commercial batch and seized, and a protocol on administrative offense was drawn up for the passenger. He faces a fine of half to twice the value of the smartphones

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