Urals Customs Administration

115,000 bottles of carbonated drinks failed to pass customs control in the South Urals

Published: May 15, 2024 08:06

For four months of 2024, Chelyabinsk customs officers at the state border detained 8 consignments of carbonated drinks in the amount of 115 thousand bottles and a total weight of 66 tons. Foreign products were detected by employees of the mobile group of Chelyabinsk customs together with the Border Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region. The goods without mandatory labeling were intended for sale in Russia. After the customs control and expertise materials on these facts are transferred to the competence to decide on the issue of bringing to responsibility

“The presence of means of identification on goods subject to mandatory labeling is a necessary criterion for the legal importation of such products into Russia. Since December 1, 2023, officials of mobile groups, in addition to checking the facts of declaration, carefully monitor the presence of mandatory labeling of imported soft drinks, in particular sweet carbonated water. Due to the introduction of excise duty on sugar, there is a possibility of replacing this ingredient with sugar substitutes, which can be dangerous. The presence of labeling guarantees the composition and quality of the product. Thus, our work is aimed at improving the safety of imported goods, as well as to track their route from the manufacturer and to the counter,” – said Denis Tsymbal, head of customs control after release of goods Chelyabinsk customs

We remind that in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation certain types of soft drinks in glass, polymer and aluminum packaging are subject to mandatory labeling. The import and circulation of these unlabeled products on the territory of Russia is prohibited. Both criminal and administrative responsibility is provided for this violation

In total, in 2024 mobile groups of Chelyabinsk customs controlled 16 thousand vehicles carrying 253 thousand tons of goods. Customs officers prevented 60 facts of illegal movement of products with a total weight of almost 730 tons

Anastasia Nikolaeva, press secretary of the Chelyabinsk Customs