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Chicken business: Koltsovo customs officers prevented a chicken incubator from being exported to Baku

Published: April 15, 2024 10:48 AM

Koltsovsky customs officers stopped a Tyumen resident who was flying from Yekaterinburg to Baku in the “green” corridor. In the passenger’s luggage the inspectors found  an automatic incubator with components. The weight of the cargo amounted to 6 kilograms

The 40-year-old man explained to the customs officers that he was taking the incubator for eggs and hatching chicks to his home for personal consumption. This equipment was purchased in Tyumen in a store. The approximate value of the goods is 14 thousand rubles. He did not know that the device had to be declared

According to Annex No. 6 of the Decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission of 20.12.2017 № 107 “On Certain Issues Related to Goods for Personal Use”  machines, mechanisms, equipment, classified by the code TN VED EAEC 8436, do not belong to the category of goods for personal use. When moving across the customs border, such goods are subject to customs declaration“, – emphasized the head of the customs post Koltsovo Airport (passenger) Sergey Borovik

A case of administrative offense was initiated against the passenger, the incubator was seized. The man faces a fine of up to two times the value of the offense with or without confiscation.

An administrative offense was initiated against the passenger

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