The Sakhalin customs office has told about results of work in 2019 and the new rules for individuals

By the end of 2019 Sakhalin customs transferred to the Federal budget of about 1.4 billion, Perepyolkin plan by 22%. More than 50 million rubles to the budget additionally accrued by results of the post-audit. This was the customs officers said at the last press conference on the eve of the professional holiday.

– In the foreign economic activities of the Sakhalin region in 2019, significant changes have occurred. However, the trend of concentration on the Declaration of goods in the centers of electronic Declaration, but customs remains the task of the actual control over the movement of goods. In this respect, the actual volume of goods transported across the border, in our region, the activities have not changed, – told the chief of the Sakhalin customs Victor Golichev.

The cargo turnover remained almost on the same level – displaced across the border more than 23 million tons of goods worth 5.7 billion U.S. dollars. External turnover declined by 11%. Traditionally about 90% of the turnover is export and 10 percent import.

The turnover of exports amounted to nearly 23 million tons worth 5.1 billion dollars. A large part of the exports go to countries in the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. Main exports – liquefied natural gas (over 86%) and coal (11%).

In 2019 imported 137 thousand tons of goods worth 624 million dollars. In the structure of import is dominated by machinery, equipment and vehicles. Imports of cars increased by 45% – of the total imported last year 2374 machines.

Custom designed 2 918 ships, 730 aircraft 1 and 211 of 387 individuals. All indicators comparable to 2018.

Individuals also apply the changes said at a press conference.

From January 1, 2020, entered into force new rules for the importation of goods by international mail. Allowable tax-free rate for one package is 200 euros and 31 kilograms. The number of parcels is not restricted, importantly, that the products ordered must be for personal use.

February 1, 2020 will change the form of the passenger customs Declaration, but its content will not change. Submit it in electronic form on the website of the FCS of Russia via the “my account”. This will save time when crossing the border.

And from 4 February 2020 you need to provide supporting documents for the movement of currency, if the amount is the equivalent of 100 thousand U.S. dollars. While you still need to declare cash of 10 thousand dollars.

Julia Jahina,

the press Secretary of the Sakhalin customs, T.(4242) 491-278.