409 Irkutsk pets visited resorts in Thailand in 2023

409 Irkutsk pets visited resorts in Thailand in 2023

Published: February 8, 2024 05:25 AM

Officers of the Irkutsk Airport customs post controlled the movement of 610 pets across the customs border in 2023

The main destination of entry and exit of unusual tourists was Thailand – 409 cats and dogs traveled there, 139 animals visited Vietnam, 18 – Mongolia, 21 – China. Irkutians’ favorites also visited Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Dogs take the leading position among furry passengers, with cats in second place. But in 2023, two meerkats and one parrot also crossed the customs border. The meerkats flew to Vietnam, while the parrot went on vacation to Mongolia

Written declaration of pets is required when crossing the border. Without import/export permit and quarantine is allowed to move pets transported for personal use in the amount of not more than 2 heads, accompanied by an international passport, with a note of clinical examination within 14 days before shipment.

An international passport is required

It should be noted that in January 2024, 56 pets passed customs control at the Irkutsk air checkpoint. The most memorable for the staff of the customs checkpoint Irkutsk Airport were aquarium fish that flew with their owner from China.