Pskov customs: international projects aimed at simplification of customs procedures

Pskov customs: international projects aimed at simplification of customs procedures

In the region of Pskov customs possible implementation of two international projects aimed at the simplification of customs procedures.

The Federal customs service cooperation with foreign customs services developed and implemented various international projects aimed at significant simplification and acceleration of customs procedures. In the region of Pskov customs can be implemented Russian-Uzbek international project “Simplified customs corridor” and the Russian-Chinese project “Green corridor”, – said the acting first Deputy head of customs Dmitry Golovin. – The first project implemented in the framework of the agreement between FCS of Russia and State customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the organization of simplified procedure of customs operations when moving goods and vehicles. The second can involve Russian and Chinese, the company entered into a contract for the supply of goods. Lists of exporters and importers agreed in advance by the customs services of the two countries in the framework of the information exchange. Projects apply in respect of goods originating and exported from the territory of one party imported into the territory of another country by any mode of transport.

Pskov customs invites traders to take part in international projects.

These projects aimed at further reducing the time of customs operations through the use in the framework of the risk management system of the FCS of Russia received from foreign customs services preliminary information about roaming in the mutual trade of goods and vehicles. The benefits of these projects include reduced frequency of application and the degree of customs control in respect of goods transported within the framework of projects, ensuring authenticity of Declaration through the use of preliminary information from the foreign customs service to confirm stated in the customs Declaration information. The reliability of the Declaration of goods in the framework of the Federal customs service of Russia concluded bilateral agreements for the implementation of these projects is achieved by matching the data provided by the customs administration of the exporting country, with the data in the Declaration. The preliminary information obtained in the framework of the projects is a reliable source for analytical activities, for example, in estimating the cost of identical and similar goods in mutual trade of the countries using the national system of risk management

Natalia Knyazeva,
press Secretary of the Pskov customs