Novorossiysk customs – alignment with the customs service veterans

May 29, customs officers across the country celebrate a wonderful holiday – Day of veterans of customs service. On this day in the Soviet Union was established a professional holiday of customs officers. In the present Day of customs of Russia is celebrated on 25 October, and in may pay tribute to the veterans of the customs service, was behind the creation and development of customs business in Russia, those who honestly served and serve our country.

The Council of veterans of war and labor in the Novorossiysk customs house was established in 1989 to conduct Patriotic and educational work among young people. At the first organizational meeting by the Chairman of the Council of veterans of war and labor, was elected participant of the great Patriotic war, chief of operations, he was awarded many military decorations and medals, Onkar Anatoly.

In may 1995, many large customs passed by the General meeting of veterans and pensioners, which was approved the Regulation on the veteran organization of the customs bodies of Russia, and on 29 may 1995 at a General meeting of veterans and pensioners of the Novorossiysk customs office the decision was made to create a primary veterans ‘ organizations, and also elected the members of its Board, whose Chairman again became A. A. Yevsyukov, Deputy M. R. Hyryavi.

19 September 1996 on the initiative of the North-Caucasian customs Department (now the southern) on the basis of the Novorossiysk customs house has passed a meeting of veterans of the customs service ctvuu, which Evsyukova, A. A., was elected Chairman of the veterans Council of regional management.

Since 1998, the veterans ‘ organization of the Novorossiysk customs is the largest in the South of Russia, numbering about 200 people. In October 1999, the organization headed by the honored customs officer of Russia Vladimir Garagulya, who gave nearly 30 years of protection of economic interests of the state.

For more than 20 years veterans have Novorossiysk Vladimir Mikhailovich trust again and again peraspera its Chairman of the veterans Council, knowing that he will be able to build a relationship with any managers, to protect the interests of the veterans organization and each officer of pensioners.

As practice shows, the experience of veterans coming to help in solving multifunctional tasks of customs, strengthening labor and performance discipline, and the participation of veterans in public events gives the event a special solemnity.

A special place in the veteran organization devoted to the promotion of the history of the Novorossiysk customs. All activities of the Council of veterans, active photodocumented for later inclusion in the annals of the Novorossiysk customs and the design Museum.

Since the establishment of the veterans ‘ organization of the Novorossiysk customs never lowered the bar raised high initiative, creative, and business reputation in conducting educational work, the preservation and strengthening of traditions of different generations of customs officers, the statement in the staff of high moral values.

In the southern region customs became a “pioneer” in the organization such Patriotic actions, as a deep study of its history and publication of books on the subject, search the work and the establishment of a memorial marks the place of the heroic events of the war, conducting events in honour of veterans of the great Patriotic war and the customs service.

On this festive day, by long tradition, the veterans of the customs service to meet with colleagues and management of customs, but this year the epidemic situation in the country has made adjustments. Despite this, the veterans will hear in his address many warm words and wishes from your colleagues! Yeah, they don’t get together, but everyone will remember departed colleagues, veterans of the great Patriotic war who had severe post-war years to restore the custom. Remember all by name – former chiefs of the Novorossiysk customs Petrushina I. V., Mine G. N., Perestyuk M. I., heads of departments and shifts Evsyukova, A. A., Emirov A. D., Kaloustian V. A., senior inspectors Hyryavi M. R., Bogdan, F. T., Andreychenko, V. I., Prochko N. A. Mironov A. A., Postnikov, R. D., M. A. Petrosino. All of them were awarded military orders and medals, many years of responsible work in the customs and has left an appreciable trace in its history.

Transmission of traditions, the continuity and connection between generations, education of the young customs agent in all the events with the participation of our veterans, people who have devoted their lives to the defense of economic interests of the country.

The management and staff of the Novorossiysk customs I sincerely wish our dear veterans Caucasian longevity, cheerfulness and happiness, peace and goodness!