North-West operative customs: family-profession – canine

Today in the customs authorities of the North-West are serving 147 experts-cynologists and 108 dogs. Among them, in the ranks of the North-Western operational customs work senior state customs inspector of Department canine activities kennel service dobryn Maxim, for which the customs authorities become not only a workplace, but also a place fateful encounter.

Maxim Alexandrovich came to the office in 2001, the Department of customs protection. Later transferred to the Department of state service and personnel, where he became acquainted with the future wife Svetlana Uhanova. The girl got in the dog training service, with his dog – a Labrador Metis the Chara. However, in the beginning, the attitudes of young people did not develop as they worked in different departments, almost not interfering at work. As recognized Maxim, then his plan wasn’t to become a specialist-cynologist, but gradually learning the specifics of working with dogs and getting to know the employees of this sphere, he began to feel this idea. Played its role and love of four-legged “friends”, because of the Maxim Dobrin’s family always had dogs. And the decision to transfer the dog was adopted.

Having the proper training and having partners East-European shepherd Renu, a young man joined the ranks of canine services. And renewed their relationship with Svetlana. In spring 2005 the young people were in a joint business trip in Germany, and in December 2005, Svetlana and Maxim were married.

We worked together in pairs, – says Maksym together on vacation, dogs are almost always with us. Were separated only in the cases when someone was gone on a business trip or to a seminar. All of our dogs have always lived at home. All our life passes with them. We are even in the store, sometimes with the dogs, so not so boring it was to sit at home.

In 2008, in connection with the reorganization of canine units, Svetlana and Maxim left the field, namely the work “paper”. Maxim Alexandrovich was appointed to the position of Deputy chief of Department service dog, and Svetlana Olegovna started working in the research Department. There was a situation of conflict of interests, besides the wife of Maxim Alexandrovich was beginning to miss working with dogs. Then Svetlana Olegovna decided to leave customs and to enter service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Today Svetlana Dobrin works in the Centre of dog service of the Main Department of the MIA of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region in the position of inspector-the cynologist.

Asked often: how to work together and at home together? – says Maksym. – And we on the contrary – and fun and comfortable. Got together – went to work. Or home together was, in their weekend. And we always vacation before match. Now, of course, rarely so. Police your schedule.

A few years ago Dobriny the couple moved to a country house along with their four Pets: a German shepherd, a Ducat, Belgian shepherd Malinois – Jack and Eva and Belgian shepherd Tervuren – Bejoy. Beha is on a well-deserved retirement pension, and her three four-legged companion working dog center of the MIA to this day.

The dog is a big responsibility – says Maksym. – And walk with them, and feed and at the vet to be observed. But it’s worth it. After all, those emotions you feel when dealing with their dogs, all pay off.

Vera Filippova,
a press-Secretary Severo-the Western operative customs