North-West Customs Administration

Murmansk customs summarized the results of control of foreign trade activity in the region

Published: March 1, 2024 09:20

264.91 million rubles administered by the Murmansk Customs added to the revenue part of the federal budget in 2023.

For the year, more than 9.3 million tons of foreign trade goods were passed through the border in the region of Murmansk Customs. 92% or more than 8.5 million tons of this amount – through the customs post of the Murmansk Sea Port. The growth of cargo turnover in weight terms compared to the previous year amounted to 2.5%

In the sea checkpoints of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk customs officers processed 4,626 ship calls, 9,134,931 tons of cargo and 91,370 individuals. All ship calls for arrival/departure operations were processed electronically using customs information technologies and software products. 2,247 decisions were processed for customs operations prior to the departure of vessels used for merchant shipping purposes (under export cargo shipment orders)

In 2023, during the placement/completion of the customs transit procedure Murmansk customs processed more than 22,600 tons of cargo under 1,241 transit declarations (most of them for the completion of the customs transit procedure). Compared to last year, there is a significant decrease in almost all parameters, except for the volume of cargoes for the completion of transit, where there is a noticeable increase. This fact allows us to conclude that there is a growing share of transit foreign trade cargoes that have their final point of arrival and destination in the region of Murmansk Customs

Alla Sveshnikova,
press-secretary of Murmansk customs

tel. 8 (8152) 282-278

Alla Sveshkova