Murmansk customs: of 26 cases of limit violations for import-export of goods by individuals identified with the beginning of the year

Since the beginning of year in Murmansk customs officers on the Russian-Norwegian and Russian-Finnish border identified 26 violations of the limits on importation and exportation of goods by individuals, discovered 178 litres of fuel in excess of the seized 430 kg of consumer goods, and almost 43 kg of products of animal origin.

From the identified customs inspectors 10 offences linked to the violation of individuals restrictions in the export of automotive fuel in additional tanks and 16 with violation of duty rules when importing goods for personal use, as well as the procedure for the import of products of animal origin. The weight of imported consumer goods in 2-3 times exceeded the legal limits (25 kg).

In one case, Russian imported whale vertebrae weight of 14.95 kg and with a sharp specific smell, found, in his words, from the North Cape (Norway). This product is classified as “untreated vertebral bone of a mammal”, are subject to veterinary control imported and compliance with the legislation.

When passing customs control citizens should have the green corridor, the customs Declaration was not filled, the availability of goods is not stated. Their actions the offenders explained either by ignorance of the existence of limitations or carelessness in determining the weight of items.

On all revealed facts filed the case on administrative offences.

Recall: the current customs legislation in the export from the territory of the Eurasian economic Union automotive fuel in additional tanks, its volume is limited to 10 gallons per vehicle. Limits of duty free import of goods by individuals for personal use is 25 kg total weight and 500 euros total cost of the importation of such goods by road and sea transport (air transport is not more than 50 kg and up to 10000 euros).

Products of animal origin individuals is permitted without veterinary documents to bring for personal use weighing less than 5 kilograms of ready-to-drink form and in the original packaging is based on one person. Products weighing more than 5 kg is subject to a mandatory written Declaration.

The importation of products of animal origin in the region of Murmansk customs are allowed three border customs post, where border guard units of veterinary inspection – checkpoint Borisoglebsk, the Sea port of Murmansk and Murmansk Airport.

Recall also that the passenger customs Declaration can be completed and submitted online through the Personal account of a natural person on the official website of FCS of Russia. You can also download the form of the passenger customs Declaration, print it and arrive at the border with the already completed passenger Declaration.

Alla Sveshnikov,
press Secretary of Murmansk customs