Kingisepp customs: veterans of the customs service still in service

Kingisepp customs: the customs service of the veterans still in the ranks

29 may is the Day of the veteran of the customs service. On this day, congratulations to those who have lost the protection of the economic interests of the country part of their life and soul, those who continue to serve the country and who have transferred their experience to the younger generation.

Kingisepp, the Council of veterans of the customs service, which today is headed by Andrey Ilyin, was established in may 1998 and employs 48 people. – People with a capital letter, with tremendous professional and life experience that stood behind the formation of customs in Kingisepp. Many of them continue to work hard and to this day, – said the Belyaninov.

The Council of veterans of the Kingisepp customs takes an active part in public and sports life of the customs. They participate in the preparation and organization of all events dedicated to public holidays, cultural and sports activities, as well as, contests of Amateur art creativity of officials of the customs bodies. Part of the Commission on observance of requirements to office behaviour of civil servants Kingisepp customs and settlement of conflict of interests and the relevant attestation Commission. Veterans of the customs service participated in a charity event to help children from two orphanages in the city of Kingisepp and Ivangorod, – said A. Yu. Ilyin.

On the Day of the veteran of customs service, head of the Kingisepp customs the Colonel of customs service Igor Kozhanov expressed sincere gratitude for high professionalism and conscientious work of the veterans of the Kingisepp customs.

 Ekaterina Kolesova,
press Secretary Kingisepp customs