In 2019 the Siberian forest was exported to 56 countries

In 2019 export operations for the export of timber in the region of the Siberian customs Directorate (STU), has implemented 1034 of participants of foreign trade activities (decrease compared to the year 2018 4.5%).

Timber export in 2019 amounted to 2 billion 641 million 100 thousand U.S. dollars (17,4% of the total value of exports in the region) and compared to the 2018 year decreased by 0.9%.

13% of the total value of exports of timber amounted to the supply of unprocessed timber, 87% of the timber processed.

Export of unprocessed timber declared to the customs authorities of STU, made 3 555 thousand m3 to 344 million U.S. dollars (compared with 2018 the reduction in physical volume by 24.1%, in the value of total – 23.3%), timber machined – 18 089 thousand m3 2 billion 296 million US dollars (increase in physical and cost volumes of 5.3% and 3.7%).

The export of timber was carried out in 56 countries near and far abroad. 93,5% of the value of exports of timber took delivery in foreign countries (primarily to China, Japan, Germany, Egypt), 6.5% – in CIS countries (mainly Uzbekistan).

Compared to the 2018 year value of exports of timber products to the far abroad countries has decreased on 0,6%, to CIS countries – by 4.3% and amounted to 2 billion 469 million 700 thousand US $ 212 million and 600 thousand US dollars, respectively.

Department of public relations of STU