Greetings to Vladimir Bulavin Victory Day

Dear colleagues! Dear veterans!

I congratulate you on anniversary the 75th anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war!

May 9 – day of valor and glory, courage and heroism of our multinational people! In this celebration of the history of the country, the pain of loss that lives in each of us, and pride for our Motherland, for the Victory!

How many years have passed since 1945, we and our descendants will never forget the heroism of the people in unison who defended the Motherland from the fascist threat. We revere the bright memory of those who gave their lives to defend our right to peace and freedom, who worked tirelessly in the rear.

A significant contribution to the fight against the Nazi invaders was made by customs officers. At the beginning of the war the red Army, the militias and the partisan movement took more than 90% of all personnel of customs authorities.

Customs officers remaining at their workplaces, had secured control of the goods pass from allied and neutral countries, the test of land, sea, air transport; struggled with the smuggling of food products and cultural values. This work was carried out around the clock, demanding high professionalism and complete dedication.

I bow to those who fought and labored in the name of Victory and the future. You will always be an example for us.

On this solemn day I wish you all good health, happiness, peace and prosperity!