Federal Customs Service

In the run-up to March 8, customs officers clear 300 tons of fresh flowers every day

Published: February 27, 2024 15:46

In January-February of this year, customs authorities processed more than 12.5 thousand tons of fresh-cut flowers. The amount of customs payments amounted to 2.2 billion rubles, the average customs value of flower products – 7.28 dollars per kg.

Since February 21, on the eve of International Women’s Day, the supply of cut flowers has increased – customs officers release 300 tons daily. Clearance is regular, very fast, flowers are released within 4 hours, almost 63% of goods declarations are in automatic mode

Roses (5.3 thousand tons), chrysanthemums (2.8 thousand tons) and carnations (780 tons) are imported into Russia in the largest volume

About 90% of flowers come from three countries: the Netherlands (5,200 tons), Ecuador (4,800 tons) and Kenya (940 tons). The largest volume of declaration is carried out in Moscow (6.5 thousand tons) and North-West electronic customs (4.6 thousand tons)

This year, after customs clearance, the average cost of a rose, depending on the length of the stem or the size of the bud, is about 50 rubles per flower (the price in retail outlets can vary greatly). The share of adjustments to the customs value of floral products does not exceed 7% of the total declaration array