Ahead of good deeds

Ahead of good deeds

Veterans Sebezhsky office of the Council of veterans of customs service of the Pskov customs of the time isolation is carried out with the use on their private plots.

Despite the fact that most of them are retired, veterans continue to lead an active personal and social life. The quarantine did not stop them on the eve of a Victory Day by tradition to bring order to the fraternal military burial at a remote village Bikini, and in the Victory Day individually to lay flowers to the war memorial in the town of Sebezh.

In the veteran’s Day customs, they gathered to celebrate not only each other, but everyone who proudly wears the title of customs officer. For veterans, this is a wonderful holiday, filled with memories of events associated with the service in the customs bodies.

Temporary isolation once again showed and convinced, which is filled with wonderful events, is the life of the veteran organization.

They are confident, will be quarantine, and they with new forces, with new interest, with new scale will continue to work together. There will be meetings and celebrations will be big business: construction of memorials, visits to the sponsored children’s home, participation in events organized by the Pskov customs and the local administration.