Vyborg customs: in the automotive cargo tank discovered undeclared goods

Vyborg customs: in the automotive cargo tank discovered undeclared goods

Carrying out freight transportation in the period of validity of restrictive measures, drivers of commercial vehicles having the possibility of crossing the border of the Russian Federation, were more likely to violate customs laws.

In may 2020, officials of the customs post MAPP cranberry Vyborg customs detected and suppressed 17 administrative offences committed by drivers of vehicles of international transportation. In some cases the disorders are associated with insufficient knowledge of the customs legislation. Also in practice there are cases when drivers of trucks are deliberately breaking the law.

Last month, officials of the customs post MAPP cowberry revealed conversely, a lot of spare parts for vehicles in the amount of 431 unit value of 186 thousand rubles, as well as a batch of electronic and mechanical sensors of warm floors with 55 units of $ 165 thousand rubles.

In order to carry the goods without payment of customs duties, the drivers go to the trick and use different technical niche trucks. In such cases an effective means of customs control are inspection systems that are used at each customs office at the checkpoint across the state border. In one of the detention operator image analysis revealed the movement of household chemicals and food products in the technical compartments of the tank in which imported goods for the chemical industry. Concerning the driver criminal case on an administrative offense under part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative code.

Violators of customs rules threaten the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of one-half to two times the value of the goods which are the subjects of the administrative offence, with their confiscation or without that.

Natalia Finogina,
press Secretary of the Vyborg customs