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Chelyabinsk customs prevented 4 million rubles from being exported abroad

Published: March 12, 2024 08:48

Chelyabinsk customs officers have detected 4 million rubles from an air passenger and his wife on a Chelyabinsk-Dushanbe flight. This is the first major exceeding of the norm of exporting money at the customs post of Balandino Airport this year

The survey revealed that travelers were unaware of the obligation to declare cash exceeding the equivalent of $10,000 per person.

“According to customs rules, cash in foreign currency equivalent of more than 10 thousand U.S. dollars is prohibited to take out of Russia to any, even “friendly” countries. However, cash rubles over the specified norm can be taken out. In this case, the air passenger was required to submit a passenger customs declaration. At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia, the 2.18 million Russian rubles being transported were not declared and turned out to be the subject of the offense,” comments Alexei Alekseev, head of the Balandino Airport customs post

A case of administrative offense under Article 16.4 of the CAO RF was initiated against the man. The amount of the equivalent of 20 thousand US dollars on the day of departure was returned to the citizen and his wife against a receipt, the rest of the money was seized until the court decision

Anastasia Nikolaeva, press secretary of the Chelyabinsk customs