The first large shipment of passenger cars from China this year

The first large shipment of passenger cars from China this year

has arrived at Ekaterinburg’s Dry Port

Published: February 1, 2024 13:08

Cargo with a total weight of more than 247 tons, worth more than 17 million Chinese yuan was delivered from the PRC to the site of TLC “Uralsky” of the logistics hub “Dry Port”. In 55 containers – 165 new cars.  After the actual control, inspectors of the Oktyabrsky customs post of Ekaterinburg Customs completed the transit procedure as soon as possible. Now all the transport is placed in temporary storage without unloading from containers

Chinese manufacturers are taking advantage of the opportunities provided to them by Western car companies that have left the market and are increasingly conquering the Urals car market. In total, in 2023, more than 3 thousand vehicles were exported from China to the Urals, of which over 1700 are special equipment: loaders, tractors, excavators, tractors and about 1300 cars. The import of “passenger cars” last year, compared to 2022, increased almost 5 times,” emphasized Alexei Frolov, head of the Urals Customs Directorate

Last year, Ekaterinburg customs officers received 38 container trains and 32 boxcars at the “Uralsky” TLC. Mostly cars, spare parts for trucks and loading and unloading equipment, equipment, shoes, sports surfaces, plastic products are moved through the “Dry Port”