Saint-Petersburg customs monitors compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions

Saint-Petersburg customs prevent administrative offences on the facts of non-compliance with prohibitions and restrictions when goods are imported by unscrupulous participants of foreign economic activity.

Any product may become the subject of an administrative offense, if his declarations had not complied with the customs legislation bans and restrictions.

At the St. Petersburg customs post (the electronic Declaration Center) of St. Petersburg customs Declaration has been lodged for the goods placement under the customs procedure “release for internal consumption”. As the imported goods were declared “canvas pile…”. The value of the goods – about 5 million rubles, weight – 15 tons.

When carrying out customs control officials of the customs post revealed a lack of information on the labelling submitted for customs Declaration of goods documents. The lack of labeling is a violation of the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of light industry products” (CU TR 017/2011), approved by Commission Decision Customs Union of 09.12.2011 №876.

For committing an administrative offence in relation to the company which imported the goods was a criminal case under article 16.3 of the administrative code of Russia.

Another similar case was brought by the St. Petersburg customs post (the electronic Declaration Center), in respect of the importing company, which imported “furniture…”. The cost of goods of about 1.6 million rubles, weight – 4 tons.

Revealed by the customs on the discrepancy of the labeling requirements of the Technical regulation CU TR 025/2012 non-compliance with the established prohibitions and limitations in the field of technical regulation.

The sanction of article 16.3 of the administrative code of Russia for legal entities provides for a fine of fifty thousand to three hundred thousand roubles with confiscation of the goods which are the subjects of the administrative offence, or without that or confiscation of subjects of an administrative offense.

The goods that are the objects of administrative violations, confiscated in the course of the proceedings.

The press service of the St. Petersburg customs