Murmansk customs: terms of consideration of requests of citizens are respected

Murmansk customs: terms of consideration of requests of citizens are respected

For the first quarter of the current year in Murmansk the office received 68 requests for state counselling on acts of customs legislation. Of these, 67 applications were received from individuals and were mostly related to the procedure for the receipt and processing of goods for personal use sent by international mail, duty free rules and customs payments in respect of this category of goods. The answers to all the queries of the citizens of this customs authority with compliance with the law.

The Murmansk customs reminds that in accordance with article 265 of the Federal law of 3 August 2018 No. 289-FZ “On customs regulation in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” legal entities and private citizens within six months from the date of the decision, action (omission) or the expiry of their adoption or execution, or on the date when the person became aware of the decision or committed action (inaction) have the right to address in customs body with the request about reasons and grounds for the decision or action committed or the reasons for the failure to act, omission, if it affects rights and legitimate interests of persons directly and individually. The request is sent, in oral or written form to the customs authority that took the decision or made actions (inaction) in respect of the applicant.

The timing of consideration by the customs body of the received queries defined by law. For example, a verbal request should be considered by the customs body on the day of its receipt. On written request the answer be given in writing within ten days from the date of receipt of the request, – says the head of the legal Department of the Murmansk customs Evgeny Romanov.

Synopsis: aboutto be taken in the Murmansk customs with a statement, message or complaint in writing by mail, through special boxes for referrals placed in all customs offices and at the office of the customs, as well as by e-mail (odo_mt@sztu.customs.EN) or “hotline” (23-70-20).

Alla Sveshnikov,
press Secretary of Murmansk customs