Federal Customs Service

Dagestan customs officers have revealed more than 130 million rubles of non-payment of customs duties on imports of tobacco raw materials

Published: April 17, 2024 19:28

Dagestan customs officers have revealed the fact of non-payment of customs payments on a particularly large scale for 130 million rubles

After control after the release of goods, it was found that the organization imported raw materials for companies not engaged in the production of cigarettes. In order to avoid paying multi-million dollar payments, the supplier submitted false documents to the customs authority on the purpose of importation of goods and its destination. At the same time, the importing organization was exempted from paying tax, as smoking tobacco imported for the production of tobacco products is not subject to excise duties

A criminal case was opened under paragraphs “a” and “g” of part 2 of article 194 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (evasion of customs payments, special, anti-dumping or countervailing duties by a group of persons by prior conspiracy on an especially large scale)