Citrus fruits worth $9.2 million were imported by CFA importers in January

Citrus fruits worth $9.2 million were imported by CFA importers in January

Published: February 12, 2024 17:00

13,700 tons of citrus fruits were cleared by the Central EDC of Central Electronic Customs in January 2024. The volume of fruit imported by importers of the Central Federal District increased 2.7 times compared to January last year

The main supplier of vitamins to the central district is Turkey and Georgia, also large shipments arrive from Uzbekistan and China. The value of the processed goods amounted to 9.2 million U.S. dollars.

Mandarin is a traditional vitamin for the central district

Mandarin is traditionally the most popular fruit among the region’s residents and accounts for 90% of all citrus shipments. Imports in January increased 2.8 times and amounted to 12.4 thousand tons.

Mandarin is the most popular fruit in the region and accounts for 90% of all citrus shipments

The second place by volume of supplies was shared by oranges and lemons. Imports of oranges increased by 18% year-on-year, with 300 tons of the product imported into the region over the month. Also processed 331 tons of lemons, the sour fruit traditionally comes from Turkey and Uzbekistan.

“Citrus fruits are a seasonal favorite, with peak clearance mostly occurring between December and March. CED inspectors prioritize the processing of perishable goods. And while 90 percent of regular declarations are processed within four hours, all perishable goods are released within an hour,” said Sergei Belyaev, head of the Central Electronic Customs Office