The checkpoint Markovo closed for renovation

The checkpoint Markovo closed for renovation

From 1 January 2020 the checkpoint Markovo located in the region of the Ussuri customs (Primorsky Krai), has suspended the passage of vehicles.

According to the chief of Lesozavodskiy customs post Ussuri customs Eugene Belik, passenger-cargo bilateral checkpoint Markovo closed for refurbishment by order of the Government of the Russian Federation. The resumption of work at a check point of Markovo in the framework of the national project “international cooperation and export of” scheduled for 2022.


Lesozavodskiy customs post, the customs authority was created by the order of the SCC of the Russian Federation dated 11.12.1992 year. The region of the customs post of more than 200 kilometers, starting from Kirovsky district and ending Luchegorsk district. In the region of the customs post is a two-way cargo-passenger automobile checkpoint Markovo – Hulin.

The specifics of Lesozavodskiy customs post – customs operations and control exported outside the customs territory of the EAEU of timber and lumber in accordance with the customs procedure of export and also goods originating from people’s Republic of China.


Irina Kulchitskaya, a press-the Secretary of the Ussuri customs

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