Volga Customs Administration

Tatarstan customs has transferred more than 1 billion rubles of customs payments for imported vehicles

Published: June 7, 2024 15:24

Tatarstan Customs has transferred to the federal budget more than 1 billion rubles of customs payments and utilization fees collected from individuals for the import of motor vehicles

 From January to May 2024, Tatarstan customs officers issued 3,945 TPO (customs receipt order) for motor vehicles imported by individuals for personal use. The amount of customs duties and utilization fee paid amounted to 1 billion 85 million 320 thousand rubles

Most of the vehicles imported by individuals were manufactured in the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea (KIA, HYUNDAI, GEELY, EXEED, CHANGAN, LIXIANG, ZEEKR)

In the same period last year, 2,565 TPOs were issued for imported vehicles.

The amount of customs duties paid amounted to 55 million 241 thousand rubles

 Valentina Skarlukhina,
press-secretary of the Tatarstan customs