Volga Customs Administration

Pilgrims go through customs control

Published: June 4, 2024 13:17

The world’s Muslims are heading to Saudi Arabia these days to visit the holy sites of Mecca and Medina.  Since the beginning of June, several groups of pilgrims have already passed through Kazan International Airport, opting for regular Kazan-Sharjah and Kazan-Dubai flights

Future hajjis pass customs control promptly and “in normal mode”, without violating customs laws. Preliminary work on the part of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic and the Tatarstan Customs helps to avoid undesirable situations

In meetings with tour operators (organizers of trips to the Holy Land) and leaders of pilgrimage groups, customs officers explained the current customs regulations, gave recommendations on what aspects of the movement of goods should be paid special attention to. Knowledge of the existing regulations allows pilgrims to pass customs control without any complaints from officials.

 Valentina Skarlukhina,
press-secretary of Tatarstan Customs