Vladimir customs prevented the import of more than 1 thousand counterfeit carpet

Vladimir customs prevented the import of more than 1 thousand counterfeit carpet

One of the trade organizations filed for Vladimir customs post (the electronic Declaration center), the Declaration for the import party outdoor carpet under the trademark “ZALEL”. In the course of customs control revealed that the importer does not have permission of the copyright owner to use the trademark.

The mats in the amount of 1,100 total value 610,5 thousand rubles were imported from China and at the time of Declaration were in the region of Voronezh customs. In the course of customs inspection it was established that all products are sewn labels with the designation “ZALEL”. The trademark has been registered in Rospatent, and the permission to use the copyright holder did not give either the manufacturer or the importer.

Examination of samples showed homogeneity in relation to the goods (“carpets for bathrooms”) for the designation of which the trademark is registered “ZALEL”, the label is also identical to the original. Seeing this situation, the violation of their exclusive rights, the copyright holder sent to the office a statement about the involvement of the importer to administrative responsibility.

The result was a criminal case under part 1 of article 14.10 of the administrative code “Illegal use of trademark”. The arbitration court of Voronezh region made a decision to bring the importer to administrative responsibility in the form of a warning. Product the decision of the court be confiscated and destroyed in the prescribed manner.

Natalia Odintsova,

press Secretary of the Vladimirskiy customs