Vladimir custom: about 40 thousand goods declarations and 20.2 billion rubles of transfers to the Federal budget in the first half of 2020

For the 6 months of 2020 in Vladimir the office received 39 thousand 806 of goods declarations. That is by 9.7% more than in the same period last year. The Federal budget lists 20 billion 213 million rubles, the growth of transfers was 37%.

The chief of the Vladimirskiy customs Pavel Pavlov: “the Main Declaration of the array is accumulated on the Vladimirskaya customs post (the electronic Declaration center). Increasingly used automation of customs operations, which provides decision-making without human intervention. Automatic registration of more than 80% of goods declarations, which is 23.5% more than in the same period of 2019. Three times more likely to have used the technology of auto production and 36% of the total number of declarations”.

With Vladimir custom worked 1832 enterprises, of which 16% was in the Vladimir region, 13% in the Ivanovo oblast, the rest – in other regions of the Russian Federation. Compared with the 2019 year the number of participants of foreign economic activity increased by 27%.

The reform of customs in Moscow established a Central electronic customs, which will be moved to the volume of declaring customs of the Central Federal district, including Vladimir.

The chief of the Vladimirskiy customs Pavel Pavlov: “We are given the opportunity to concentrate on the actual control-risk deliveries that require special attention. In addition, there will be structural reorganization through merger of the Yaroslavl customs office to Vladimir. All customs posts will conduct the customs operations that require direct contact with the goods. While work will continue on identifying and preventing violations of the customs legislation, including in the course of customs control after release of goods for free circulation”.

At the present time Vladimir declared different customs nomenclature of goods. Participants of foreign economic activity imports pharmaceuticals, machinery and parts, plastic materials, cotton, electrical machinery and equipment, organic chemicals, cocoa and cocoa products, ferrous metals and products, outdoor equipment. Exported glass and glassware wood and articles of wood, polymeric materials and plastics, sugar confectionery, household appliances, rubber products and rubber, organic chemical compounds, pharmaceutical products.

Natalia Odintsova,
press Secretary of the Vladimirskiy customs