Vladimir Bulavin held a meeting with journalists

The head of the Federal customs service Vladimir Bulavin 25 Dec held a meeting with journalists of Federal and specialized media. During the meeting they discussed various aspects of customs administration, noted the amount listed for customs payments in the Federal budget in 2019, the reform of customs authorities, the development of Internet trade, currency control issues and the implementation of the counter-sanctions announced by the Service undertaken measures to fight corruption.

The predictive task we had adjusted to 5,639 trillion rubles. We can handle him and a little exceeded“, – stressed the head of the FCS of Russia. It was also noted a gradual reduction in the structure of transfers in the share of exports of oil and gas revenues.

Summing up the interim results of the reform of customs authorities, the Minister noted that already established and operated 12 Centers of electronic Declaration (of CEDAW) to the end of 2020 it is planned to launch the remaining four Cada plan – in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Rostov-on-don and Vladivostok.

As a direction for the Service for 2020 Vladimir Bulavin announced plans to expand the functionality of “Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities” – adding opportunities for the exchange of legally significant electronic documents signed by the strengthened qualified electronic signature.

During the discussion with journalists digitization has been named the main trend of development of Russian customs. In 2019 in a fully automatic mode was more than 2.4 million returns (more than half of the total). Released without the direct involvement of the inspector more than half a million declarations.

Vladimir Bulavin said that the planned gradual reduction of the tax-free threshold for departures within the e-Commerce are overdue. “We need to equalize conditions for domestic sellers and foreign Internet sites. All will be in equal competitive environment“, – he explained.

The head of the FCS of Russia highlighted the efforts of the customs service measures the fight against corruption and prevention of corruption crimes. “We fought and we will fight corruption in our ranks, regardless of rank, title and official position of our officials“, – he stressed.

In 2019 the current year divisions on counteraction of corruption of the FCS of Russia opened 112 criminal cases for offences of corruption (in 2018 – 65). On the grounds of corruption criminal cases instituted against 32 officials, 425 persons were brought to disciplinary responsibility 10 is fired.

At the end of the meeting Vladimir Bulavin has handed over departmental awards to a number of media representatives who have made the most significant contribution to the coverage of the activities of the Federal customs service in the past year.