Vladimir Bulavin has informed the Russian President about the current activities and prospects of development of the FCS of Russia

On the current activities and prospects of development the Federal customs service informed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin head of the Russian FCS Vladimir Bulavin.

The Minister told about the dynamics of replenishment of the Federal budget in 1 or 2 blocks 2020, reported on the results of the reform of the customs authorities, as well as plans for implementation of the Strategy-2030.


Vladimir Putin: Mr Yakunin, good afternoon. Let’s start with Federal taxes. See the documents, even with some went ahead in the first quarter of 101.7 percent.

V. Bulavin: Almost 102 percent.

Vladimir Putin: But half of You still expect some adjustments?

V. Bulavin: Yes, we have forecast a job for six months – $ 2 trillion 69 billion. We expect 2 trillion 42 billion. Since the overall turnover decreased by 18 percent, the number of returns has decreased by 4.4 percent, it is quite natural that customs duties also decreased, especially the export component, and by falling prices for oil and petroleum products, hydrocarbons, and due to the volume that we exported. The forecast assignment year 5 trillion 480 billion. Due to the fact that our economy is substantial support, we expect that will still be the intensification of foreign economic activity. Until December is still far away, too early, but we will strive forward-looking task to perform.

The dynamics of recent months is not bad, especially as import payments, we are a little ahead, despite the fact that imports also decreased. Nevertheless, optimistic about the future, the situation should be corrected, because the borders, the flow of goods will increase. But those measures which I have wanted to tell You, adopted in recent years to reform the customs processes and customs administration, should impact in a positive way on the final digit of the listed payments.

Vladimir Putin: You Have a development strategy ready?

V. Bulavin: a Strategy ready.

Mr President, I would like to say. In 2017, You made a very important decision, according to which from 2018 to 2020, we have carried out large-scale reform of customs processes and customs administration.

Today we can already see some results. Established and functioning in 16 centres of electronic declaring. With eight centers of electronic Declaration created in the already existing customs, and eight centers of electronic Declaration created in the newly formed e-customs. To date, these centres issued 84 per cent of all declarations, all declarations of the array. By the end of the year we plan to increase this figure to 95 percent.

We have also substantially changed the functionality of customs posts and customs. Because customs clearance is left in the centers of electronic Declaration, in fact, of customs and customs posts have become customs and posts of actual control. We plan in the future to improve the efficiency of customs control on the customs of the entire process chain.

It should be noted that we have made major changes in the management system of the customs authorities. The number of customs offices was reduced from 84 to 66. In accordance with Your decision payroll, which we have released, we have sent to support produce inspectors of centers of electronic Declaration and brought their salaries to the salaries of the employee. It’s somewhere around 60 thousand, including bonuses even a little bit more work.

We have implemented the centralization of customs duties. If earlier the participant of foreign economic activities of each customs authority, where he was, one needed to have your checking account, now a single Bank account, which is debited all payments.

Vladimir Putin: Everything is visible.

V. Bulavin: Everything is visible, Yes.

We have made the process of customs administration automation elements. I must say that this year we have issued 1 million 900 thousand returns. 1.4 million returns automatically registered and 409 thousand declarations automatically released. It is quick, just four minutes on the entire process, of course, more objectively and impartially.

I must say that we systematically build up the work in contactless relationship with the business. It is now possible for remote access to file a return, it will be automatically registered and automatically released. Such declarations this year alone, 409 thousand, and this means that the business has no need to engage in personal contacts…

Vladimir Putin: customs.

V. Bulavin: …with the customs officials.

We believe that the goals for reform that we set ourselves have been achieved. First, increased handling customs authorities. Second, substantially increased the uniformity of decisions. That is when we had 600 places of customs clearance, to manage them from a single center was extremely difficult given the distances in our country. 16.

In addition, we have severed personal contacts the issuing inspector and the declarant, significantly reduced corruption risks. This ensured the completeness of charging customs duties. According to the centers for the electronic Declaration, which operate for more than a year, sees an increase in customs duties with an equal volume Declaration.

The current level of Informatization, digitization has allowed us to prepare the development strategy of the Customs service until 2030, which was approved by Government on may 23 this year. You can see a presentation of this strategy, starting with the fifth page. In fact, it is the transition from e-customs that we have today, to the intellectual customs, which we will have in 2030. We taught the digital process information, store information, our task is to teach the “figure” to solve nonlinear system of equations in a multidimensional space and to make legally significant decisions. In fact, autobypass Declaration, which I have already reported, is legally significant decision. We just want our digital technology to fill where possible, the elements of artificial intelligence.

Digital platforms, and generally “figure” should bind the customs authorities, transport, business, of our foreign partners in a common closed information network. We believe that the higher the level of saturation “figure” customs sphere, the greater the transparency, in terms of understanding what decisions are made on the basis of what, from the point of view of the whole customs procedure.

If a higher level of transparency, hence the higher the level of trust between subjects of foreign economic activity. So we have to work with the business and our transport structures, and, most importantly, with our partners abroad. We have enough experiments with them conducted, but we must strive to put the individual gained in terms of experiments technology “on alert”.

Vladimir Putin: I Understand.

V. Bulavin: the Process is complex, but we are moving in this direction. In particular, one of the projects that we have planned in our Strategy-2030, is a pre-shipment inspection or a one-time customs control.

A similar experiment with our Chinese colleagues carried out. That is, we have representation in China, which examines a particular container for compliance stated in the Declaration of the consignment, make my mark, and then the container passes freely our border. If you do not have any additional customs risks, we freely concede.

I also wanted to say that the strategy envisaged the formation of intellectual checkpoint. Formed approaches to the reconstruction of our passes. We would like to procedure with all measuring, test equipment were concentrated on a single platform, which would be customs, other regulatory inspection agencies, carriers. Ultimately, this should allow for the uninterrupted passage at the checkpoint.

We are on all types of transport have introduced preliminary information on the transferred goods, and while this cargo is on the way, we can use this pre-submitted information to check for customs risks. And if, when submitting a transit Declaration will not be confusion with the previously submitted Declaration, we can begin the process of release of consignments at the checkpoint.

In accordance with Your decision one of our projects is the creation of the main data center. It in Tver under way, we go through the design phase, the design phase of communication, because there is a serious and complex communications plan in 2021-2022 year to complete the construction of the data center and to buy equipment for the center. This will allow us to provide information storage in a mirror copy. Why? What distinguishes our systems from other systems? They must work around the clock. Therefore, the requirements for security are high, in addition, we need to keep a copy of all the accumulated information of the array, if something happens, take this copy.

We have also provided for the establishment of information exchange with our colleagues abroad, especially on issues of risk management, customs value. The customs value is a key issue in our relations with business. Should report, including thanks to Your help, we have a little progress with our Chinese partners in this direction, and separate declarations which we make requests, get answers from them. Even we have experience in the use of this information in litigation in defending those claims that we serve that we serve.

We believe that by 2030 it will be a completely new custom, quickly adaptable, flexible, intellectually stimulating, the system can handle large amounts of data. But most importantly calling “by the numbers” is linked to customs, as I said, foreign partners, carriers. I believe that this will substantially expedite customs transactions to make customs procedures for business simple, convenient and fast.

On the other hand, we are called to protect the state’s interests completeness of collection of customs duties and national security. To this we aspire.

Vladimir Putin: Very Well.

Vladimir Ivanovich made really a lot, the quality of the custom changes work until 2030, more needs to be done. Indeed, the first steps made in the right direction. I want to wish You good luck.

V. Bulavin: Thank You.

Vladimir Putin: I hope Very much the results.

V. Bulavin: we Will try.