Victory Day

On the eve of the national holiday — the day of Victory in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 officials of the customs of the Northwest customs administration read the poem of Alexey Surkov “Morning Wins”.

Where the grass from the dew and from blood raw,
Where pupils are machine guns fiercely staring,
In full growth, over the front edge of the trench,
Rose winner-soldiers….

Kazachok Evgeny Vladimirovich – the chief state customs inspector of Department of operation and repair of objects of customs infrastructure of Pulkovo customs

Berliner Anna – the main state customs inspector of Department of customs inspection of the Vyborg customs office of the Vyborg customs

Terashkevich Sergei Pavlovich – head of the customs office checkpoint Pechory-Pskov Pskov customs

Jamkochyan Yulia Olegovna Deputy chief of Department of inspection and of prevention of offenses of the Baltic customs

Karelian customs – Fedorov Alexander Viktorovich, the senior state customs inspector of Department of technical means of customs control and customs security.